• Ksenia Ryzhkova Debuts as Giselle
      October 13

      On October 13, prima ballerina Ksenia Ryzhkova made her debut in the title role in the ballet Giselle by A. Adam. Her partners were Denis Dmitriev as Albrecht, Sergey Manuylov as Hans and Olga Sizykh as Myrtha.

    • Shen Wei Dance Arts Performed at Five Nights of Americal Ballet Festival
      October 6

      On October 6, a performance by the Shen Wei Dance Arts Company concluded the Five Nights of American Ballet project, which was a part of the traditional DanceInversion Festival. The American company presented two one-act ballets: The Rite of Spring and Folding.

    • John Neumeier Rehearsing for Tatiana
      October 3

      During three days, September 30 and October 1 and 2, John Neumeier lead rehearsals for his ballet Tatiana. It was the Master's first visit to Moscow since casting and a chat with the troupe.

    • Guest Performances in Tianjin, China
      October 1

      A filming crew of the Rossia 24 TV channel witnessed the opening of the Musical Theatre's guest performances in Tianjin.

    • Nahum Azarin-Messerer's Jubilee
      September 27

      On September 21, Nahum Azarin-Messerer turned 80. To this outstanding ballet master the Theatre dedicates the September 27th performance of the ballet Swan Lake.

    • Il matrimonio segreto by Cimarosa Premieres on Second Stage
      September 22

      On September 20 and 21, the Theatre's Second Stage saw the premiere performances of the Cimarosa's opera Il matrimonio segreto (The Secret Marriage). The production was undertaken specifically for the students of the Russian Theater Academy Musical Theatre Department's class of Alexander Titel and Igor Yasulovich. Timur Zagniev is the production’s Musical Director, while Igor Yasulovoch is Stage Director, and Ethel Ioshpa, Set Designer.

    • Five Nights of American Ballet Festival to Open with Aszure Barton Performance
      September 19

      September and October of 2014 will see the American Ballet Festival in Moscow where the famous American choreographers Aszure Barton and Shen Wei will present their new works.

    • Aszure Barton Held Master Classes with Russian Choreorgaphers
      September 18

      Aszure Barton, who has come to Moscow with her dance company in order to participate in the Five Nights of the American Ballet project, has held master classes with Russian choreographers. The Rossia-Kultura TV's news crew have attended the sessions.